Poor Maths

I am poor in maths.
Still poorer in memory.
My teacher fore warned: Be Careful.
A change of sign you miss somewhere
Would, however much you try, leads nowhere.

I added riches,
multiplied my tribe,
divided my parents
subtracted my kin.

I wasn’t getting answers to my sums
There weren’t agreeable remainders
The products were getting smaller and smaller
and the differences started growing larger and larger.

I broke my head over the problems
What the hell? Where I went wrong?
At last, my teacher flashed in my memory,
and said, undo what you did, you’ll be happy.



    1. In India, as elsewhere, strong family relations are the basis of happiness. But as the materialistic outlook takes over, insular outlook creeps in, and man experiences unhappiness contrary to his wishes. He breaks his head to find the root cause to find the reason, ignoring his basic perception of life is at fault. Once he ‘undo’s that he would be happy, truly integrating with society.
      Thanks for taking time to visit my blog and for your comments

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