The Rain…

Like a childhood friend seen after long years of separation…
Like a shower of jasmine petals,
A drizzle enveloped me with all its hands.
Unable to realize a wee-bit
What a good friend he was
People ran for cover towards dry shelters
To protect their heads from getting wet.

Just me and the rain!
Nobody was there on the roads.
Since it was an uninterrupted togetherness
We roamed the whole town
Resting hands on each other’s shoulders.

In the nets of the drizzle, we filtered
Our childhood memories, like fish.
Drenching in the rain of friendship
We got tired after a long loitering stint.

Coming on a seasonal tour
And spending a whole day with me
My friend ‘rain’ bade me good-bye.

The clouds that carried him here had vanished, but
Rainbow stuck to the sky
Like the brilliant smile left behind by him…
Like the soaked shirt sticking to my skin.

(Telugu Original: Late Dr. K. Godavari Sarma)


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