When she kissed my lips
I smelt the first drops of rain
Upon parched earth.
When she delved deep into my eyes
Locking hands over her head
Scrutinizing my pupils,
I felt a silent scissors
working its way through my heart.
When the curves of her body
stood asymptotic to that of mine,
within me rattled a compass needle
hemmed between two bar magnets.
As the passion worked up to the crest of a wave,
Her face assumed a tint in expectancy.
As she receded in some fear unknown,
I saw in her a river
Sinking to its source from cape
For fear of confluence.
** ** **

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  1. Dear Murty gaaru, Namaskaaramulu.

    This poem is wonderfully carved with words which touches the hearts of real lovers. I did not understand ” why she feared the confluence “?

    yours friendly,

  2. That is something inexplicable. People take adventurous steps for the heck of it but the risk of adventure always hangs in their minds. Some of them can’t take or own up the cosequences with poise. Almost at the door step of success, fear seizes them and they retract. That’s it.

    Thank you for your interaction

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