To A Friend

I walk down the road, reading the shop names
In the tune humming in my mind,
Suddenly a name pops up
And I log on to your thoughts.
Not that I have forgotten you really
But the mundane chores
Have quoted a layer of dust.

Your very name brings in a whiff of freshness
Pumping more adrenalin into my blood.
A sudden smile slivers my lips
And a glint assumes my casual countenance.
The visuals afore transport me into the past
And play a stream of videos before mind’s eye
The Amygdala replays the emotions
So mythical, so real and so illusory
Lay buried in mind’s archives…

Faces and names, places and events
Tantalizingly surface and disappear
Playing hide and seek…blending into a
Sweet aroma of nebulous notions
Leaving a tang stronger and romantic than before.

As the dynamics of life take over…
With the honking of a horn,
Ruefully, I reconcile
Waiting for another sojourn to your memory bank.


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