The fish of democracy
Is suffocating in the effluent waters of Constitution
While Every Rao, Raja, Maran and Mehta has his bait
Every Reddy holds his iron net
While the saffron is Hell bent on the bow,
The spoiled sickle stretches its ‘arms’ in all directions
The pink, the yellow, the green and the sundry
converge to seize and share the spoils.
If it was off the hook once
Only to be caught next time by a crook
The Hand that grabbed it
Marvels at its own engineering marvels.
Poor people!
They have to pray for its requiem.



  1. Thanks for your time Denise.

    This is a sad commentary about the political affairs in my country (India) where the names mentioned are the people who shamelessly amassed wealth with the support and connivance of people in power and the other descriptions of colors are the political parties who have no agenda but coming to power. With no political party commanding a majority, these days coalition became an ineluctable choice and that in turn helped these unscrupulous bastards to make bargains for power and pelf.

    May be the picture of Democracy is no different elsewhere.

    with best regards

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