Advice to My Sakuntala

Darling child!
Marriage is a two-horse ride
Of harnessed unequals.
But the unwrit tenet is
The strong should make up for the weak.
After the ride to the summit,
No one knows not what awaits there,
Pastures and play fields?
Heath, or untrodden and deserted paths?
With will to conquer, all obstacles sweep aside.
Dreams are anxious to leap over into real life
And the chances of success
Hinge on your ability to strike balance
Between firmness and obstinacy
Accommodation and surrender
Dependence and doting on
Liberty and lenience.
Assumptions and unattended feelings
Grow differences to epidemic proportions.
Meet them squarely, else, use ‘open heart’ surgery,
Smile, silence and service are better artillery than
Wails, words, and withdrawal, if not sparingly used.
Be pragmatic to lose small wars for larger battles.
Quarantine your quarrels
Within the confines of four walls.
Bear! What an extra ear hears, the whole world hears!

Serve delicacies of life
Dressed with wit and humor.
Fail not to remember, however,
They never make the pudding.

Welcome the differences
Lest sweetness of life should cloy
But see that their skewness
Hurts neither you nor those around.

The tips from our lives
Open no new horizons.
So go, find on your own
The ‘sesame’ for the treasures of happiness.

(Note: Sakuntala is the foster child of Rishi Kanva and while sending her to her husbands gives some pertinent advice. This is an imitation to suit the times… NS Murty)



  1. Thank you Denise. Time and space may change but the interaction of people continue to produce the same kind of frictions and confluences.
    best regards

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