Man is Alone

It is not as if I am not used to walking alone—

Even when I was gregarious

And friends flocked around me

Keeping me afloat mentally and materially—

I walked alone.


It was a great egregious effort to shake off the inhibitions

My inheritance

But once I noticed there was thrill

In defying established norms

I ventured breaking customs

Like a Sagar here and a Roy there

In a bid to gather my wares,

Rather, make an inventory of them.

Though I received battering in public

I rejoiced in private

Caressing my wounds

For, my friends stood by me in the thin

Providing me elixir.

Once I was dissected to the core of my reason

Paring off my myths and rationale;

I was shattered and

Compelled to believe the unbelievable.

There weren’t many options. Just two:

To go by my reason alone

Or subscribe to hypocrisy in company.

I pondered over and chose the first

Banking upon reason and the support of my friends.

Years passed.

Reason stood by me as my friend

Rationalizing successes and failures

Culturing a sense of indifference for the two.

But the other day

There was one slip

One indulgence

One inadvertent error.

Friends frowned upon and doubted my integrity.

When I looked up to them

To hear them and read their actions

I found deserts and pacific seas

Intimidatingly blazing and silent.

Holding my tears

And my reason

I trudge ahead with the refrain:

Man is alone

And remains so unto his last.




  1. I love this poem Sunamu. I agree that to maintain ones integrity one must stand alone mentally but not necessarily in the physical sense. By all means have friends to enrich your life, but weigh up what they say against what you believe. Well done on such a deep subject, my friend.

  2. Thank you Denise . You are so perfectly right in your comment. It is that loneliness allows us to reassess ourselves and correct the course if necessary.

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