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If all poetry is…

A tranquil trade of emotion

An exhuming of self from the corporeal

An ah of the soul witnessing itself in the ambiance,

A reluctance to climb down from bliss, then  

At that age everybody is a poet.

For that matter, Poetry needs only few things…

The innocence within, the magnificence without, and

An amnesia for the present.  

All expressions are but googolplex (th) shadow of incident experience.

Poetry flows through the veins …

To the rapturous face,

To the serene eyes, and

To the frozen limbs

Like an enigma

Experiencing the being qua being

And dissolving simultaneously.


NS Murty





  1. Dear Murty,

    Kudos for your title poem which is interesting, stimulating, and sweet. By the way, could I have a freewheeling loud thinking, if you permit – so that I can have a better understanding … with your intervention?

    “If all poetry is…
    A tranquil trade of emotion”

    Could the 2nd line be rather ‘A tranquil treat of emotion’ for ‘trade’ looks a bit commercial?

    “Poetry needs only few things…
    An amnesia for the present.”

    How and why does poetry need ‘amnesia for the present’? Do you mean that we should have only a memory of the past and a vision of the future?

    “All expressions are but googolplex (th) shadow of incident experience.”

    Here do you mean that in most of the cases it so happens that that even if the incident experience we have is just a smidgeon, our expression of it tends to be a mountain? That we tend to be expansive instead of being compact and succinct?

    Anyway, you’re so ma‘thematical’ that you naturally aim at googoloplexic possibilities! 

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