Don’t Break Their Faith
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It is unfair and immoral

Don’t break faith with them…

They just died for you,

For your kin

And for your freedom.

They had dreams brimming in their eyes,

Anger burning within

And the will to fight the enemy at all costs.

They were as young as you,

Blood as warm

Skin as smooth and cherubic

Yet, they embraced death

Kissing the noose,

Braving the bullets.

They could have spared their lives

Pocketed insults

Lived obsequious

Than die anonymous,

Bodies sacrileged

Burnt, buried or drowned traceless.


Every word you speak

Every act you do

Every place you move

Is their favour, their sacrament, their Eucharist.


You never saw them,

Had never known or heard of them

Neither history nor Nature kept any fossil of them.


They are there

In your teeming youth,

In your capering strength,

In your dreaming eyes,

And in your ignited mind.

Don’t break their faith…

To take the baton to the next gen

To hold it aloft

To perpetuate their dream

…till your last breath.



  1. Sunamu, this is a wonderful tribute to the people who have gone before us, fighting for us, our freedom and our rights, and how we in turn owe it to them to carry on the spirit of the struggle into future generations. This is so beautifully written and the descriptions are excellent, ‘…dreams brimming in their eyes, Anger burning within And the will to fight the enemy at all costs…’
    Well done!

  2. I often feel how blessed I am to be born free, but afraid if I am really doing my duty to the coming generations in preserving this freedom.

      1. Whether we will it or not, God’s will shall always prevail.
        But as a human being that always prays for something or other for myself, I would be thinking if I am handing the same thing within my means to another soul (?)

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