Uncapped Loyalty!


Image Courtesy: http://us.cdn2.123rf.com

Yes! Your fealty is matchless.

On that wintry morning in the wee hours

Your solicitations at my door step

Broke my sleep and fanned my temper

And I almost lost hair

In trying to hit you with whatever I could lay my hands on

still, half-asleep.

Oh, me! What a look that was!

It would curdle even death in its tracks.

The whiff of cold air

Catalyzed your pleading looks for an entry

Through the grills

And turned me instantly into a saint.

I was no animal lover

And never kept one ever.

But you turned aces up

And I fell for those seraphic looks.


My cherub Asmita and you

Made instant friends

And you became her canine comrade

Against all our will to the contrary.

That ad of a cell phone

Had become so real at my home

With you complementing her

And companioning her

In all your wakeful hours.


But I am afraid,

There are people here in our parts

Who vie and outwit you in loyalty

Not only licking the boots of their masters

But even the naked foot prints

On the paths they tread.


00.30 a.m.)



  1. There is no love on earth quite like that of a dog, Sunamu. He loves even when he gets nothing in return. He can teach humans more about loyalty than they would otherwise ever know. When they have formed a bond with us, they will stick with it through thick and thin. Your daughter is indeed very fortunate. Dogs’ affection is genuine, quite unlike that of some humans who can pretend affection for their own ends. I love this poem. It echoes all the feelings I have for dogs.

  2. So True Denise. Its love is genuine and unconditional once it makes a bond.
    Man is no match. His loyalty is a trade off for gains.

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