Is parting new to me friend
When you look aside to avoid me?
For eons this has been an enduring cycle
Meeting, parting, meeting, parting…..
When was it the first time?
Maybe, it started off
When we were caught in the same vortex
Of gaseous mass precipitating under gravity
Dovetailing each other in a random sequence
As if Playing Hide and Seek
And ultimately
Collapsing into rock, water or incendiary gas.
As sub-atomic particles of the same atom
We re-enacted the drama of the epoch.
As the atoms of the same molecule
We shaped and shared its nature.
As part of the elements
We pleased and played havoc in Nature
Dwelled on the same tree
As branch, leaf, flower and petal,
Severed, nipped or dropping off in turns.
We zoomed through the beings
Carrying messages, diseases and cures
Changed colours with emotions
Suffered the same elements
As elements we subjected them to
Parting our ways per force or by chance
As neighbours on the same inanimate
We waited for ages
For something to shake our inertia
And as a tool or wheel
We reciprocated the gesture.
In the company of elements
We healed, fed and nourished the living.
And in the same august company
We rewrote their epitaphs
Of the vulnerable and the victorious.
And today,
If you have a face off
And leave without a goodbye
I am least disturbed
As the script of the past
Is still green in me.
I am sure we shall meet again
On the same tendril peeping for the early sun
Or on the same tombstone or casket
Burying history or some past.
posted on 11.11.11 at 11.11 (IST)


    1. Thank you Denise.

      In a way, the poem is an offshoot of my response to your poem yesterday. What was simmering in my mind for long, your poem pecipitated into this.

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