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Silence is a mute word.

A chameleon of contextual meanings.


Silence of the lips…conceals an uncomfortable truth

Silence of the lids… swallows insufferable pain

Silence of the masses… ignores visible injustice

Silence of governments… acknowledges its incompetence.

Silence of the deserts… inanimates existence

Silence of the rivers… attenuates civilizations

Silence of the forests… connotes Nature’s homage

Silence of cosmos… composes scripts for future epochs.



  1. I love the first line: Silenceis a mute word. Lovely. In fact I think it is brilliant!
    You have a lot of meaning in the other lines – governments – speaks to me loudly! Reminds me of a line I read once, ‘The silence was deafening.’ It is a very clever verse, Sunamu, and each line can be dwelt on, engaged and even be used as the subject of stand-alone poems…

  2. Thanks Denise.

    You got it really. The first line is also what I liked of my poem.

    And as for the governments… I think we had a pretty long history of unserving governments… and we continue to have it. That is the only difference.

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