From a Silly Grandfather to his lovely granddaughter.

Grandfather with Grand daughter

Dear Asmi,

I am not sure if we can meet again

Over the net and the webcam.

When nature presses the ‘undo’ button on me

It endows me with googol cosmic eyes

To watch you over every second.

I’ll trail off the bay towards Spring

From an itinerant nimbus cloud

To kiss you on your cheek as a raindrop

Hey, don’t run inside calling me silly

(As you did when I called you mommy,)

Asking me to ‘come again, another day’.

I will skid through the window beam

As a mote of dust onto your dressing mirror

Don’t be so fastidious as to clean it off

Saying you find a blur on your reflection.

And on the Halloween day

If you be the Pirate of the Seas

I shall escort you as wind

Singing Lillibullero behind.

Don’t shut out your ears in fear

I ensure, I am gentle in your ear.

Mommy, I love to play

Recycling myself each time de novo

As anything you play or amuse with.

Keep that childy flame intact as you grow

That we may play together forever.



  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! And lucky little granddaughter! I love this poem, Sunamu! Such thoughtful and gentle expressions of your love for her…

  2. Denise,
    I miss her badly. This year I even tried to be near her by securing a seat as Graduate Student, writing GRE and TOFEL, at the U of H, Houston,TX and completed Spring Sem. My health was hit badly and I returned home India with no hope of ever getting there for study. I am so fond of her as she was of me. This is an outcome of such anguish. Thank you.

  3. This poem made me cry, Mr Nauduri 🙂
    I can’t say much that will help. The world is lucky to have a grandfather who loves his granddaughter so much.

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