Bane of Life
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Longevity is not always a blessing…
Even if you wallow in wealth, or, best of health
Not because the sensual senses attenuate
Tapering off gradually their sentience with senility…
But because the benediction of life becomes so baneful
When your bosom friends and younger siblings meet history 
While you inexorably crawl
Raking fears of damned ductile death.
You reduce to a relic on the attic
A time-warped capsule…. like a Rip-wan-winkle,
No longer leaving any alluvium behind the trails of your age.
You become an analogue in a digital age
Chiming with the same irregularity of your heart beat
Stories and anecdotes that stick to your memory
Like an in-erasable virus
That strong refractory respect your children bore thus far
Starts thawing from a hard diamond to granite,
To an iceberg, to flakes of icicle, to snow, to dew,
To droplets, and ultimately to inchoate ether.
Your ideas become memories,
And memories facts and principles
Drawing up lines and putting up barriers
Inhibiting Young from enterprising.
As years heap upon you
You become obsolete and irrelevant to the world
Awaiting and yearning
The Damocles’ sword to snap ASAP.
10th August 2009.


  1. You have said it beautifully..The metaphors are good. When the world is going crazy looking for immortality and struggling to prolong physical youthfulness, this view is refreshing – seeing death as a blessing…an awaited guest almost. Takes the sting out of death. But I think it is still very far from you.

    1. Thank you so much Sher! This is an elegy (not in form) to my beloved cousin, friend and alter ego. As a doctor he saved the lives of many… but his own.

  2. Sunamu, this is a stunning piece. You have surpassed yourself in this excellent work. I cannot praise it enough… I need to cool off and then re-read it – over and over again. Quite (completely) brilliant! You have hit the nail on the head in many ways as if you could read my thoughts… Thank you so much!

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