The Living Spirit
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I am not a Christian,

I am not a Muslim,

Nor Hindu, Jew or any of their ilk.


I can’t refrain myself

From saluting you,

Reverend Pope,

For the Unique gesture—!

A rare act of “Living” religion

From an apostle of Catholic Church—

Seen or heard of from near memory.


By this single stroke

You have converted more, unwittingly though,

Than the millions spent world over

By the zealous champions of Christendom.

Brokering peace is not easy, under proselitism,

Where emotions run high as mercury in ides of March.

Crusades and Jihads  had only

Orphaned, ‘destitute’d, widowed and deranged people

Than ever recreated the Garden of Eden

Or Kingdom of Allah on this earth.

It is such gestures as these —

That balm and soothe singeing pains,

They are the droughts that latch life back to dried up tongue

And make people put faith in.

Beyond sins and retributions,

D-days and judgements,

Which are but deterrents for bad conduct,

There’s a message of life

That the Messiah and the Prophet had martyred for:

The psalm of love

The hymn of harmony

The gospel of brotherhood.

All attempts

Other than what you had graced as a humble ambassador—

Are mundane

Unethical and


(Written on the eve of  Pope John Paul II entering the UMAYYAD MOSQUE in Damascus, Syria—

as demonstration of reconciliation on 6-5-2001)




  1. This too is beautifully written, Sunamu. I was unaware of this occurrence and would have been just as awed by this papal gesture of reconciliation. I am, I think, a spiritual person and I dislike seeing any religion denigrating another. I don’t think God will judge us on the basis of to which religion we belong, but on the basis of what is in our hearts. A wonderful post!

  2. You are so right Denise. It matters little to what religion you are born into or you appropriate. It is just a tag… and a tag prepared here on earth. It has no currency beyond this mundane existence. what matters really is, if you are really spiritual. If you are, you will see yourself in your fellow being. There will no room for anything except compassion. I followed Pope John Paul from his election to his death. I see a great human spirit in him… a spirit explained by all religions to their adherants… to live a Humane life. Inspite of the fact that I am awfully irreligious, this gesture touched me.

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