Asmita, My Cherub!

Asmita at 2 years .
Where did you hide this long, my Cherub?
Where did you descend from?
Did you cascade down the crystal cataracts of your heavenly abode
To bless me with this pristine laugh?
Or, coursed through the infinite cosmic cupola
To land in my lap… like a boon granted?
Floating through the ether with mythical wings
You arrived at dawn like a dart of daylight
To brighten our lives… dark with morbid, morose and monotonous.
Know you Babe,
How your maiden cries
Sprang umpteen thrills that lay in wait
For this momentous moment?
Our hearts fanned in plumes
And tears of irrepressible pleasure rolled inadvertently.
What treasures you vaulted in that little fist, fairy?
No riches can match you
In their worth, volume or pleasure.
You are the fruit of our cherished dreams
And love incarnate, dear darling!
You are the tangle that one loves to get caught in
And an alibi… of heaven’s choicest blessings!
( To My Grandchild  Asmita when she was a newborn)


  1. I love this poem, Sunamu, so full of the richest similes and metaphors in honour of this beautiful baby granddaughter!

    a dart of daylight
    Our hearts fanned in plumes

    both beautiful descriptions… the miracle of her appearance out of ‘…infinite cosmic cupola…’. You have a knack of describing the indescribable and doing it so well!

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