Indispensable ?

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Nobody is indispensable in this world!

No matter how great the person be,

Or, however great his contribution might be…

From path breaking theories

To metamorphosing inventions;

From fascinating foresights

To forging of arresting ideas;

From intellectual dialogues and a priori axioms

To exotic empirical experimental evidences…

He might have proposed, toyed with,

Experimented, proved, established or embellished.


Nobody is indispensable in this world.


Why, even the Sun, the stars, and the cosmos

And the bournless contours of the universe, that

Diligently run their programmed script

To erupt and extinguish at the ordained hour.

Then, what to speak of a nincompoop man

Being a friend for an infinitesimal second to another?

It’s but one of the many other roles he played.


Like an electron banging on the TV screen

People come in contact,

Flash for a while

And disappear into the black-hole of nothingness

Leaving no trace,

No trail…

And like a whiff of air,

They dissolve into ether, just as they had surfaced.

Seasons continue to change…

Sun continues to come up and come down

And the wheels of time continue to roll on their eternal journey.


At worst,

That friend may collect on the memory pane

Like a mote of dust for a while in unattended thoughts,

To be washed out clean

By the drizzle of inevitable daily grind,

Only to reappear in a distant future.


Nothing in this world is indispensable.




  1. What an excellent poem, Sunamu. And how true, despite our wishing to dispute it! You have described it so concisely – beautifully. But now it has set me to wondering: is this why we are drawn (pun unintended) to write, so that we may leave something concrete behind?

  2. Maybe you are right Denise. There may be lying a sense of insecurity in the subconscious psyche. But whatever little our sojourn be here, friends certainly enliven it.

    This is in a way, an elegy to a friend who chose to get away from me for reasons not friendly, and written to console myself.

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