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The other day I was coming home by train

And a father with his two kids got into the compartment.

He bought them Icecream, and the second kid got all my attention.

He opened the paper cup, licked the underside of it,

with the veneer spoon he skimmed the outermost layer

lodging it on his tongue went blissful as it melted slowly there.

The sun was hot and the cup started melting faster than he wished.

He was forced to speed up his takes

And each time he did it reluctantly,

carving out the cream from the edges first.

But lo! Even after scraping the Icecream to its last trace,

The kid was left dissatisfied in the end.


I was amused to no little extent, finding it on his facial expressions

Until it suddenly dawned upon me,

I was as reluctant to leave my childhood while entering the youth

And now,

My manhood  to admit I am senile.


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  1. I love to watch people eating – all their idiosyncrasies and the way they lick the spoon in the case of icecream… I, my dear friend, am fighting senility with all my might!

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