Precocious Children

The other day I visited a boys’ hostel in a village

To celebrate the birthday of my grandson with them.
A cake was cut and sweets were distributed.
Balloons were blown and greetings were exchanged.
After the dinner while taking rest
I was curious to know
What they want to grow up to in life.
When I asked them in turns,
A boy said I would become a cine star,
Another said he would be a minister
Some other one said he would be a cricketer,
And others said severally they would be
Village Officials, Police, MROs,
Excise Inspectors, Cooperative Sub-Registrars,
RTOs, and different government jobs I never heard of.
I really wondered how knowledgeable
They became for their age!!!
An inexplicable unease

Seized me thinking of the birthday boy.


(This is purely fictitious)



  1. The job titles must have been picked up from one another and ultimately from ambitious parents, lol! They would have no idea of the work involved…

  2. Yes Denise, they do. But the irony is that professions mentioned here are either plum positions of corruption, or personal fame without much good in practical terms to the public at large. Not a single boy wants to be either a teacher or a doctor which are the two important professions that sustain the moral fabric of the society. This speaks of the degenerate state of ethos of the society of the times.

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