The Eternal Quest

Voyager One (Space: 1999)
Voyager One (Space: 1999) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am ambitious and upright
as upright as the Minute-hand at 12.00
as I venture into the world of challenges.

The Second-hand slowly slices through me
in alternating currents of inspiration and desperation
ultimately sagging me down to dissipation
with many things to do, perhaps too many.
Perplexed as I am, and failing to prioritize,
I dab at everything leaving things un-done or half-done.
The confidence in me recedes to its lowest ebb;
And, I am no longer the model I wanted to be
with the fabric of faith giving in at several places.

And after the Thirties, the ascent starts
as the slicing seconds now start splicing,
checking the few threads that snapped,
the few that sagged,
and those that lost their spin altogether.
Hanging by my strong warps,
I start mending the weft,
removing the unreliable yarn,
and adopting new strands here and there.

Thus begins the northern journey
with the Gravity sling the grave life’s encounters gave.
I am now a lone Voyager into the stellar spaces
burrowing into my strength to the last ampere
wandering into the luminous cosmic black hole.

(After reading Voyager 1 might have reached Inter-stellar Space)



  1. Thank you Denise. This is a tribute to the human endeavor that could physically reach the heliopause. In a metaphorical way, each individual traverss the spiritual distances in the same way.

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