Etched in Flesh

Whenever the thought of the person

Fills your lungs to full

And a lingering fragrance envelopes you;

Whenever an odd tear

sleekly slips through the eye lids

Against your most vehement efforts to contain;

A strange energy charges and infuses you

When you feel desperate

and resign to a state of eternal morass;

Through a quote, a laugh, a stranger’s profile

or someone’s idiosyncrasy

Nature always insures that person in your memory;

If you must have cursed yourself a thousand times

for having played  like a pebble

with that pearl…

Then, surely

the person must be,

A six lettered word


any mortal,

mundane relation

you might have.



  1. This is in memory of my FRIEND, (a six-letter word) who was also related to me from my mother’s side. But often, when there is friendship, relation takes backseat. It has a charm that relation fails to provide.

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