The (Great) Indian Poetry Project-An Update

The (Great) Indian Poetry Project

All good things take time. As many of you know, the (Great) Indian poetry project is very ambitious in scope, with a big online component. With hundreds of modern Indian poets come thousands of poems, and through those poems,  a powerful, multi-hued history of Modern India and its people. We are painstakingly collecting all the information of these wonderful poets and promise you an online archive like no other. We thank all of you for your support and patience so far. From June onwards, we will be introducing profiles, reviews, and interviews.

Another component of The (Great) Indian Poetry Project is a specialized press that will introduce new poetic voices through the publication of their first books. With two other talented poets, Minal Hajratwala and Ellen Kombiyil, we have formed The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective and our first offering will be out later this summer.

We are also collaborating with another poet…

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  1. I do check your blog from time to time, and what a surprise to find it has come alive again. I look forward to seeing what poetry you are going to post, Sunamu, and will remain on the look-out. Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for the link to your blog…it’s sensational…I’m glad you’re enjoying ModPo…it’s amazing how many like-minded people come together for this wonderful course.

    1. Thank you so much SEIngraham.

      I am really enjoying it. I am so happy for that.

      Modpo concept itself amazing and the way they are taking it forward with passion and zeal is really sensational. I will not be surprised if this comes out a great educational initiative on the international scene shortly.
      With very best regards

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