I am a pronoun

My maternal uncle late RS Krishna Moorthy has been a source of great inspiration to our family. He was a role model so to say. From a modest schooling of SSLC when he joined Bhilai Steel Plant in 1958 because of family constraints, he went on to become an ICWAI, M.Com, LL.B. CS by the time he retired. Besides, he was a short story writer of repute and his collection of Telugu Short Stories “Chaayaa Chitraalu” bagged Jyeshta Literary Trust award. We together translated about 30 short stories from Telugu to English, 19 of which we published as THE PALETTE. We also won Katha- British Council South Asian Translation Award 2000 for the translation of Late Allam Seshagiri Rao‘s story “Mriga Trishna”. While everybody was greeted and rewarded one way or the other by his friends and well wishers on attaining 60 years, he greeted me bringing out my poetry volume “The Incidental Muses” with foreword by Prof. Shiv K Kumar. His untimely demise has been a great set back to me and the sequel to THE PALETTE, THE EASEL will be coming out shortly. (The Easel was released by Sri Ravi Kondala Rao, a reputed cine actor and a short story writer in Oct 2015 at Hyderabad)

I did my M.Sc (1970-72) and MA (English)(1982-84) from Andhra University. I was a Graduate student with University of Houston , Texas during Spring 2011 and returned to India due to ill-health. I am a bi-lingual translator with “Tangs of Telugu“..  a collection of poems rendered into English from Telugu  to my credit and a  regular blog: http:// teluguanuvaadaalu.wordpress.com  presenting translations of reputed poets (more than 100 so far) from both languages. I have also translated and  Victor Hugo’s “The King Amuses Himself” … a book proscribed for its pungent criticism of the amorous behavior of the King and the courtiers of his times.

Along with my boss at GMR Group Sri SVM Sastry, I translated into Telugu   our CEO  GMRV Foundation Dr. V. Raghunathan’s famous  book on behavioural psychology  “Games Indians Play” into Telugu which was published by Emesco.

“Wakes On The Horizon” a collection of 199 select Telugu poems rendered into English is slated for release in Sept 2016.  It’s  American edition is available on Amazon now.


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